Olivier Schwander

Assistant Professor, Université Pierre et Marie Curie


Since September 1st 2015, I am with the LIP6 laboratory of the University Paris-6 in the team MLIA. Previously I was with the L2S in Supelec and then with the CVML in Geneva. I made my PhD thesis at École Polytechnique (LIX) with Frank Nielsen.


  • December 2018 Internship proposal Second-order networks for audio scene analysis
  • November 2018 Jérémie Dona begins his PhD thesis (modeling of physical processes with machine learning tools)
  • September 2018 Accepted paper at DCASE2018 Exploring deep vision models for acoustic scene classification with Octave Mariotti and Matthieu Cord
  • May 2018 Thomas Poirée begins his M1 intership
  • March 2018 Octave Mariotti begins his M2 intership
  • February 2018 Accepted paper at IRS 2018: Temporal Deep Learning for Drone Micro-Doppler Classification with Daniel Brooks, Frédéric Barbaresco and Jean-Yves Schneider
  • April 2017 Daniel Brooks starts his PhD thesis

Main research interests

  • Machine learning and signal processing (audio, radar, time series)
  • Second order neural networks
  • Computational information geometry
  • Algorithms for mixture models


  • Jérémie Dona (PhD thesis since November 2018)
  • Thomas Poirée (Master Maths May-August 2018)
  • Octave Mariotti (Master DAC Mach-August 2018)
  • Tom Veniat (PhD thesis since September 2017)
  • Luiz André Schiaveto Neto (Master WAPE April-August 2017)
  • Daniel Brooks (PhD thesis with Thales since April 2017)

Contact Info


Office: 26-00 515 (Jussieu campus, tower 26, 5st floor, corridor 26-00, office 515)

Phone: +331 44 27 74 91

Mail address

Boîte courrier 169
Couloir 26-00, Étage 5, Bureau 515
4 place Jussieu
75252 PARIS CEDEX 05

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