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Initially focused on Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning, the scientific orientation of the ACASA team has evolved to encompass Cognitive Modeling, Digital Humanities and the design of Intelligent Agents. This has led to recent research on literary analysis (genetic criticism, stylistic analysis), modeling social representations (rebuilding social stereotypes from newspapers), Scientific Discovery (modeling theories in physical sciences and medicine), musicology and music (detection of recurrent patterns, simulation of improvisations), didactic, multi-media, intelligent TV and on the improvement of electronic reading facilities.
In a word, our scientific aim is to show that Artificial Intelligence is not only part of the "sciences of the nature" that investigate natural phenomenon; it is also a "science of the culture" (i.e. a field of the humanities), influencing the production of knowledge today.

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia has published more than 450 papers in conference proceedings, journals and books. In addition, he has published many books and papers about philosophical issues and the social consequences of development information technologies (e.g. "L’âme machine" ed. du Seuil, "2001, l’Odyssée de l’esprit" ed. Flammarion, "Gédéon" and "Les Sciences cognitives" ed. Le Pommier, "Idées reçues sur l’intelligence artificielle" ed. du Cavalier Bleu, "Le Mythe de la Singularité" ed. du Seuil, etc.).

For the last few years, he worked on the ethics and political philosophy of the information society. His last book "Voir et pouvoir: qui nous surveille?"stems from this work. It explores the ethical and political structure of our contemporary society. It relies on the notion of Catopticon, which extends the Bentham's Panopticon to a generalized "sousveillance"where everybody can watch everybody.

Lastly, he wrote a novel entitled Ce matin, maman a été téléchargée and published in 2019 under the pen name of Gabriel Naëj (cf. link)


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