Liste des articles – Master IAD  2009-2010

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Chaque article est désigné par un code (e.g. AI-MAG 09 pour le premier) qui servira de référence pour effectuer le choix


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Le travail à effectuer en binôme est le suivant :

o  Synthèse de l’article en 5 pages

o       La synthèse comportera au minimum l’énoncé du problème, la description des méthodes proposées comme solution, les résultats empiriques.

o  Exposé de 10 mn


Il n’est pas demandé de comprendre dans le détail chaque article, mais de bien comprendre le problème et l’intérêt des solutions proposées. Vous pouvez bien sûr faire une lecture critique de l’article.






Collective Classification in Network Data

Prithviraj Sen, Galileo Namata, Mustafa Bilgic, Lise Getoor, Brian Galligher, Tina Eliassi-Rad


KDD 08-115

Combinational Collaborative Filtering for Personalized Community Recommendation

Wen-Yen Chen, Dong Zhang, Edward Y. Chang


KDD 08-1051

Learning from Multi-topic Web Documents for Contextual Advertisement

Yi Zhang, Arun C. Surendran, John C. Platt, Mukund Narasimhan


KDD 08-213

Learning Classifiers from Only Positive and Unlabeled Data

Charles Elkan, Keith Noto


SIGIR 08-331

A User Browsing Model to Predict Search Engine Click Data from Past Observations

Georges Dupret, Benjamin Piwowarski


SIGIR 08-339

Learning Query Intent from Regularized Click Graphs

Xiao Li, Ye-Yi Wang, Alex Acero


SIGIR 08-555

A Comparative Evaluation of Different Link Types on Enhancing Document Clustering

Xiaodan Zhang, Xiaohua Hu and Xiaohua Zhou


ACL 07

Fast Semantic Extraction Using a Novel Neural Network Architecture

Ronan Collobert, JasonWeston


WWW 2009-1

A Dynamic Bayesian Network Click Model for Web Search Ranking
Olivier Chapelle, Ya Zhang


WWW 2009-31

Fast Dynamic Reranking in Large Graphs
Purnamrita Sarkar, Andrew W. Moore


WWW 2009-101

StatSnowball: a Statistical Approach to Extracting Entity Relationships
Jun Zhu, Zaiqing Nie, Xiaojiang Liu, Bo Zhang, Ji-Rong Wen


WWW 2009-351

Tag Ranking
Dong Liu, Xian-Sheng Hua, Linjun Yang, Meng Wang, Hong-Jiang Zhang


WWW 2009-361

Learning to Tag
Lei Wuk, Linjun Yang, Nenghai Yu, Xian-Sheng Hua


WWW 08-121

Opinion Integration Through Semi-supervised Topic Modeling
Yue Lu, Cheng Xiang Zhai



Know your neighbors: web spam detection using the web topology

Castillo, C., Donato, D., Gionis, A., Murdock, V., and Silvestri, F.


AIRWeb 08

Webspam Identification Through Content and Hyperlinks

Jacob Abernethy, Olivier Chapelle and Carlos Castillo [bib]



Applications of Reinforcement Learning to Structured Prediction

Francis Maes, Ludovic Denoyer and Patrick Gallinari EWRL 2008



Relaxation Labeling for Selecting and Exploiting Efficiently Non-Local Dependencies in Sequence


Guillaume Wisniewski and Patrick Gallinari


ACL 06

Discriminative Word Alignment with Conditional Random Fields

Phil Blunsom and Trevor Cohn


IPM 04

Bayesian network model for semi-structured document classification

Ludovic Denoyer , Patrick Gallinari



An Introduction to Conditional Random Fields for Relational Learning

Charles Sutton, Andrew McCallum



Stacked Sequential Learning

WilliamW. Cohen, Vitor R. Carvalho


ICML 07-791

Restricted Boltzmann machines for collaborative filtering

R. Salakhutdinov, A. Mnih, G Hinton


ICML 07-473

An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Architectures on Problems with Many Factors of Variation

Hugo Larochelle, Dumitru Erhan, Aaron Courville , James Bergstra and Yoshua Bengio


ICML 08-536

Classification using Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machines

Hugo Larochelle, Yoshua Bengio


ICML 09-465

A Novel Lexicalized HMM-based Learning Framework for Web Opinion Mining

Wei Jin, Hung Hay Ho



An Efficient Boosting Algorithm for Combining Preferences

Yoav Freund, Raj Iyer, Robert E. Schapire, Yoram Singer



Equations for Part of Speech Tagging

E. Charniak, C. Hendrickson, N. Jacobson, M. Perkowitz, 1993