News: I’v defended my thesis the 10th of July, 2017 !

I am a PhD student in Machine Learning at LIP6 in Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, under supervision of Prs. Ludovic Denoyer and Thierry Artières and financed by the french Ministry of Research.

My PhD research focuses on machine learning under cost constraints. I have worked on several methods that learn to interact with the examples, in order to acquire only the more relevant features for  cost-sensitive prediction. Our models are based on representation learning and deep reinforcement learning techniques. I am now working on meta-active learning approaches, inspired from recent methods in one-shot learning.

This has increased my interest in fields related to meta-learning such as gradual learning, multi-domain problems and artificial general intelligence. These are domains I’m looking towards to explore. I have also a keen interest on applications in astrophysics/astronomy and brain analysis.

I have also had the opportunity to teach several courses during my PhD, as well as working on various projects with different french teams (e.g ANR Project LIVES on multi-view learning with Laboratoire Hubert Curien -Saint-Etienne- and LIF -Marseille-, Project OnBul in Labex SMART with ISIR).